Quick chicken and bacon terrine

chicken and bacon terrine This recipe was passed on to me by my sister. She was having a couple of girlfriends round for a meal and needed a simple starter that could be made in advance.

I wasn’t there for the actual meal but as there was only three of them for dinner and the terrine made four portions I was able to sample it the next day.
I had it for lunch with some melba toast and it was delicious.

Serves 4


4 rashers rindless unsmoked streaky bacon
175-200 g chicken breast, cooked
170g brussels and garlic pate
2 tablespons fresh parsley, finely chopped
black pepper to taste


Snip the bacon finely and fry over a medium heat until the fat starts to run. Increase the heat and continue to fry until lightly coloured but not crisp.

Place the pate in a large bowl and soften with a wooden spatula. Remove the bacon from the pan and set aside to cool a little. Pour any bacon fat from the pan into the pate, mixing in well.

Shred the chicken finely and fold into the pate with the bacon and parsley. Season to taste with black pepper.

Pack into a small serving dish or individual ramekins. Cover and chill for 30 minutes before serving.

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