Raspberry cordial

Raspberry cordial
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This year has been exceptional for my raspberry harvest; I’ve made cakes and jam and much to my delight my experiment with a rhubarb and raspberry cordial has been given the thumbs up by every one who’s tried it.

The rhubarb is now finished but there’s still plenty of raspberries ripening on the bushes so here’s the latest recipe in my collection of thirst quenching Summer fruit cordials.

Not only is it quick and easy to make but it’s so versatile too, you can mix it with water, turn it in to a milkshake or simply drizzle over vanilla ice cream. What better way to keep your cool this Summer!

Makes approx 1 ltr


500 g raspberries
500 g caster sugar
3 tbsp red wine vinegar


Put the raspberries, sugar and vinegar in a saucepan . Cook over a low heat until syrupy, about 10 mins, mashing the fruit to release the juice.  Rub through a sieve into a clean pan.

Tip the seeds from the sieve into a bowl and stir in 300 ml of hot water. Give it all good stir to try and remove the last of the pulp from seeds, then sieve again.

Discard the seeds and pour the liquid into the pan with the raspberry syrup, stir well and boil for 1 min.

Pour into sterilised bottles and seal. The cordial will keep unopened for a few months. Once opened, store in the fridge.

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